Villem & McLeod

Villem & McLeod

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With constant support from D&B’s top taste makers, Villem & McLeod are the very definition of 174bpm neo-soul, specialising in punchy breaks and cavernous low-end that soothe the home-listener and destroy the dancefloor in equal measure.

When you hear a Villem & McLeod production it’s clear where their influences and roots lie. Both were drawn to DJing Hip Hop, Funk and Soul and have the crate-digger’s instinct for fresh & original samples that bring an innovative angle to their 170+ creations.

Villem & McLeod have joined forces with leading label, Spearhead Records, co-producing Riya’s album, which featured their number 1 smash, Fear Bites, with award-winning vocalist Dynamite MC.
Stellar collaborations continued on their No More Games EP, with Zero T and Riya.

With an album for Spearhead in the works, great things are expected from this dynamic duo. Book now to inject some proper soul into your party.

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