Ayah Marar

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Somewhere between landing in the UK in 1998 and the present day, Ayah Marar has made a name for herself writing, recording and performing a wide array of bass and electronic music. Ranging from early collaborations with Drum & Bass stalwarts, Loxy and Ink, to pop chart-busters with Calvin Harris and DJ Fresh, and even sultry vocals for Jack Peñate, to name just a few.

Ayah began her career on the underground Drum & Bass scene. Selling vinyl at Uptown Records, running labels, organising raves, appearing on both pirate and mainstream radio stations then going on to tour the world as an MC and vocalist, and holding down a 4 year residency at the legendary club Herbal spinning Hiphop and Reggae records; Ayah has been there for it, and she always will be, with a bass music legacy that cannot be denied.

Ayah Marar is back where she belongs, in her element. With her latest collaborations with the ever-talented René La Vice and emerging rave producer Because of Art receiving huge support from BBC Radio 1Ayah’s journey continues to go from strength to strength.

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