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Authenticity and soul are coded deep into everything BCee puts out into the world. Any beat he lays down, any song he writes, any artist he champions, any line-up he curates… Nothing has the BCee stamp of approval unless he has full belief in it himself.

It’s been this way for over 20 years, eight albums, countless singles, EPs and remixes and even more international bookings. A producer, songwriter, DJ, label owner, event promoter, broadcaster and any other role he’s stepped up to through his passion for drum & bass; Steve BCee Jefroy is driven by a pure appreciation for D&B culture and inspired by how he can serve and boost its community.

The results speak for themselves. As the founder of Spearhead Records he’s nurtured and presented myriad new talents to the world who’ve gone onto become some of the biggest names in this game: Hybrid Minds, Netsky, LSB, Alix Perez, Redeyes, S.P.Y, Pola & Bryson and many more artists have enjoyed debuts or early releases on the label.

BCee’s music has the same level impact. Sitting somewhere between the soulful stars and the weight of the dancefloor, his uplifting signature can range from late night breakbeat chaos to delicate compositions that smoulder with layers of feeling. Rooted in sample culture, focused on the future, galvanised by musicianship; BCee beats balance a vibrancy, realism and an emotional pull that’s so strong his releases are just as likely to be used for weddings and funerals as they are to be rewound in the dance.
A serial collaborator with an ear for that special element that makes a track timeless, over the years he’s worked with many respected peers. From regular partners in rhyme such as Villem (as The Vanguard Project) and Charlotte Haining (with whom he wrote the critically acclaimed 2020 album ‘Life As We Know It’) to the decorated likes of Robert Owens, Hybrid Minds, S.P.Y, Riya, Bladerunner, Rocky Nti and so many more, for BCee the creative process is an extension of his community spirit as he continues to put into the scene what he wants to see in the world and what he believes in: Genuine authenticity and a soulful realness.

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