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Blazing the trail for a new generation of D&B producers, Manchester native Dutta has already racked up a series of massive hits on his own Informal Recordings label as well as collaborations with T>I, Bou, Serum, Annix, Taxman, Simula and many more.

Quickly spotted by Guv and Serum, he was signed to their Dubz Audio and Souped Up labels and was soon named by UKF as one of 2019’s leading lights of the Jump up new wave.

Unmissable in a club, Dutta has already brought his energetic mixing skills to events from the UK to the USA and everywhere in-between, featuring at Skank & Bass, Innovation, Invaderz, Konkrete Jungle, Bass Klinic, Stealth Bombers along with many, many others.

Showing no signs of slowing down, Dutta is definitely one to watch for 2021 and beyond.

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