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As part of Dexcell, Dave Wilson aka Emba is a well-established part of the Spearhead Records artist roster. After catching the ear of Spearhead boss BCee with a bootleg of Ellie Goulding’s ‘Starry Eyed’, (clocking up over 12 million streams on UKF’s youtube channel), Dexcell released a string of releases on the label which lead to their debut album for Spearhead.

Now with over ten years experience as a DJ & producer and more than 100 tracks already in his portfolio as one third of Dexcell, Emba is now exclusively signed as a solo artist to Spearhead Records. Collaborating with artists such as DRS, Paper Dragon, [ K S R ], Charlotte Haining and BCee, Emba has quickly established himself as a serious new voice in Drum & Bass. His debut album is forthcoming on Spearhead Records.

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