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Smouldering with soul, Emba is a name that burns deep with beguiling musical Drum & Bass sentiment.

Inspired by vocalists and the dark alchemy of songwriting, there’s a warmth, familiarity and emotional resonance to each composition Dave Wilson creates as he thrives off collaborations, sculpting spacious grooves for some of the most decorated and respected singers and MCs in his field to explore.
DRS, Catching Cairo, KSR, Lucy Kitchen, Paper Dragon and Tempza are just some of the talented souls to grace Emba’s beats so far as he develops this exciting new chapter. Previously a member of Dexcell – a prolific trio who had a reputation for big anthems and major league remixes of artists such as Ellie Goulding, Phillip George and Hybrid MindsEmba’s solo mission rolls with an energy and a momentum of complete musical freedom that he’s never had before and is flourishing in.

Catapulting into D&B’s psyche at the start of 2020 with the DRS-fronted ‘Move Steady’ – and following it with a highly consistent stream of singles that paved the way to his debut, self-titled album in July 2022 – Emba continues to carve his own space in the deeper side of Drum & Bass both as a musician and as a DJ. Tapping into his foundations as a UK garage DJ, Emba sets are tightly coiled selections that flip between contrasts, holding down heavy grooves with beautiful vibes and addictive hooks, mirroring his own creations; soulful, beguiling, musical. And he’s only just warming up.

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