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The lava-hot clash of US Hip Hop, UK street culture and African & Jamaican influences that eventually forged Jungle / Drum & Bass saw a young Ink committed to the cause from around 1990. Working hard on the pirate radio circuit, Ink rapidly rose through the ranks, becoming both a highly sought-after DJ and producer.

As part of London trio ‘The Architex’, Ink released some of D&B’s most profoundly beautiful music on the foundational ‘Basement Records’, swiftly becoming a favourite of LTJ Bukem and laying down the blueprint for what would become known as ‘Liquid’ more than twenty years later. In 1996 Ink formed his own Architecture Recordings, introducing the world to a host of brand new talent along with heavy hitters from the cream of D&B, as well as concocting his first collaboration with Loxy, a partnership which endures to this day.

Establishing such an impeccable reputation so early in his career, it was inevitable that Ink formed relationships with heavyweights Metalheadz and Renegade Hardware, becoming an indispensable resident DJ for their events together with a string of releases on both labels, including the incredible ‘Horsemen‘ project, a collaborative concept created with Loxy, Dylan & Keaton that expanded to include producers from all over the world.

With four albums to his name, countless singles & EPs and a DJ pedigree that spans the near-mythical Metalheadz Blue Note sessions to Fabio & Bukem’sSpeed‘, to Renegade Hardware’s sonic destruction at The End club, Ink’s stature and history is almost unparalleled. However, rather than resting on his laurels, Ink continues to operate at the cutting edge of our scene, smashing up dance floors worldwide and firing out a non-stop cascade of outstanding tracks under his own name and as his new ‘ILR Studios‘ project with Loxy & Resound.

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