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Emerging through pirate stations such as Eruption FM and Underground FM, resident at seminal London raves such as Desire and Thunder & Joy, Loxy has been a formidable force in Drum & Bass since its very beginning.

The North London DJ’s reputation was solidified in the mid 90s as he became an integral part of two UK D&B institutions; Metalheadz and Renegade Hardware. Resident at both label’s events – at cult venues Blue Note and The End – his ability to draw for darker, heavier dubplates than any of his peers was at the heart of the genre and culture’s acceleration. Stepping on after Loxy and 2Shy at The End was one of the gravest challenges any DJ could face during that period.

It’s not for nothing that Loxy is known as ‘The Grim Reaper’. In stark contrast to modern trends Loxy always chooses to put the music first while keeping his image in the background, preferring to be judged on his flawless delivery of cutting edge tracks than any stage antics. For this reason his reputation as “the DJ’s DJ” is more than well deserved.

Thanks to his consistency together with a total focus on his own sound, Loxy’s reputation remains as fierce as ever. In the years that have passed since his first manoeuvres, he’s launched labels such as Cylon Recordings, he established The Four Horsemen collective (with Ink, Dylan and Keaton) and created slews of work with long-time sparring partners Ink and Resound, with whom he formed ILR Studios in 2019, proceeding to batter the audience with quality material.

Building on a portfolio of releases that spans Exit Records, Renegade Hardware, Metalheadz, Digital Soundboy, Samurai and many more, Loxy continues to release on Hospital Records, Metalheadz’ Razor’s Edge imprint, Dispatch and of course his own outlets Cylon, I.L.R. & X-tinction Agenda.

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