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Busy spearheading the new school with her devastating combination of dirty productions and exhilarating DJ sets, Sweetpea has deservedly played at some of the biggest label and brand nights in Drum & Bass. Hospitality, Renegade Hardware, Symmetry, Flexout, Rupture, Ingredients, Soul in Motion and AKO Beatz are just few events have that have had Sweetpea grace the decks.

As well as everts she has a burning passion for radio, hosting shows on the iconic Rude FM as well as guesting on Ministry of Sound Radio with Metalheadz stalwart Bailey.

While Sweetpea has primarily focused on DJing she is no stranger to making music. Her debut release appeared on Terabyte Recordings in 2016 – ‘Afterthought/ 400ft’ which showcased Sweetpea’s production potential. This was swiftly followed up with high profile releases on Hospital, Med School, Dispatch and Addictive Behaviour.

A true Drum & Bass head, Sweetpea’s hard work and passion for the music is an inspiration to other women in Drum & Bass. Towards the end of 2018 Sweetpea joined other women in the scene to host the first EQ50 headed by Mantra. A safe and open space for like minded women with a love of music to learn about the scene in workshops, Q & As and production showcases.

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