The Vanguard Project

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England’s picturesque east coast may seem a sleepy place at first, but scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find a seething hotbed of frantic breakbeat talent. With KluteDigitalSpirit and more recently Villem & McLeod all holding things down in Ipswich it was only a matter of time before contact was made with the Spearhead Records HQ just up the road, seeing label boss BCee joining forces with Villem to create a superduo now known as The Vanguard Project.

With ‘The Vanguard Project’ EPs Vol 1-3 already creating a ruckus on Spearhead Records, a debut EP on legendary Fokuz Recordings and an impressive array of remixes for the likes of Stanton WarriorsHybrid MindsUtah JazzRiyaBCee & S.P.Y there’s little doubt remaining that this was a collaboration written in the stars.

The Vanguard Project’s debut DJ set was at Ministry of Sound with an earth-shaking follow up at the infamous Ambra Night at Sardinia’s Sun & Bass. Now with more dubplates, VIPs and re-edits than you can fit on a USB stick, The Vanguard Project are armed, dangerous and ready to wreck any event in front of them.

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