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Winning Best Newcomer MC at 2013’s Drum & Bass Arena awards, Visionobi broke the glass ceiling that held back many of his contemporaries, becoming the go-to host for many of the scene’s biggest players, including Metalheadz, Shogun Audio, Soulvent and many more.

Originally sharpening his vocal skills as part of a Southampton based drum and bass family that included Gerra & Stone and Joe Raygun, the group created a thriving local scene, with Visionobi expanding his talents beyond the city and holding down a ‘Visionobi Presents’ residency at London’s superclub Fabric, an ever-expanding phenomenon operating under the ‘Colony’ brand as well as ‘Visionobi Presents‘.

Besides establishing himself on the live circuit, Visionobi also presides over an impressive discography, including releases on the mighty Metalheadz, Dispatch Recordings, Sun & Bass Recordings and Soulvent, all showcasing his thought-provoking grasp of conscious lyrical content and his infectiously pulsating flow.
His deep musical knowledge and eye for rising talent earned him an incredible 4-year run hosting Metalheadz’ Rinse FM show.

With even more focus on new recording and performance angles, you need to keep your eyes on Visionobi.

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