Quite simply one of the most exciting young producers to grace the world of drum & bass in recent years, William Keen aka Keeno, is a classically trained, multi-instrumentalist whose music transcends the dancefloor and enters the realms of cinematic beauty.

His debut album, ‘Life Cycle‘, released on Med School in 2014 was a masterpiece, revered by all who took the time to appreciate its craft – a perfect follow up to his debut release, the stunning ‘Nocturne‘ EP, released in 2013.

Fast forward a couple of years and Keeno is burning brighter than ever, an accomplished DJ whose style and energy is igniting dancefloors across Europe and beyond.

2016 saw the release of Keeno’s second album, ‘Futurist‘, a sixteen track album embodying everything special and unique about his style – another step forward for Med School and this exceptionally talented producer.

2017 brought us Keeno’s third LP, ‘All the Shimmering Things’, a beautiful constellation of tracks that has solidified Keeno as one of Drum & Bass’s major players.