Ruthless MC

Ruthless MC

Entering into the world of music was almost inevitable for Andrew Alleyne AKA Ruthless MC. Heavily influenced by his Caribbean parents; he was surrounded by the sounds of reggae and soul from birth. As a teen Ruthless discovered Hip Hop and artists such as Public Enemy and Run DMC. Then in the 90’s with the rave scene emerging, Ruthless started heading out to big raves at Dreamscape & Milwaukees whilst being inspired by the tapes of Grooverider and Ratty. Then came a darker more breakbeat side of hardcore, Jungle.

Jammin’ around a set of decks with friends, a young Ruthless found himself drawn to the mic rather than the headphones and, taking inspiration from Mad P and MC ConradRuthless MC was born.
The 90s saw Ruthless honing his MCing skills at local events like Junglejuice, Flavaunit, Sounds of the streets and Rebirth then further afield in Oxford at events like HQ and Depth Charge.

After hearing him at Random Concept, SP:MC asked Ruthless if he’d like a trial at a Hospitality night in London. He was immediately picked up by Hospital Records director Chris Goss and Ruthless was  cemented as one of Hospitality’s MCs of choice.

Rolling with the Hospital Records collective has seen Ruthless deliver his vocals all over the world, from Tokyo to Washington. He is also one of the front men for ‘Jungle drummer vs DJ Fu’ hosting events of up to 6000 people.

Ruthless has a distinctive and powerful voice which lends itself to any environment, from the mightiest arenas, to the smallest basement rave. His attitude to performing means that he’s an expert in finding the balance between MC and DJ, always complimenting the music. Depth, clarity and delivery are paramount to Ruthless. He pushes conscious lyrics to those who are listening closely along with the vibe and hype of a true showman.